The 2021 Tasmanian Tree Climbing Championship (TTCC) will be held on the 18th April at Long Beach Reserve in Sandy Bay, Hobart!

We are aiming for a low-key, fun and informal event. If you're new to climbing competitions this will be a great opportunity to come along and have a crack, with no pressure and plenty of time to try out some different events.

The climbing competition includes events such as the speed climb (racing to the top of a tree by climbing through the branches) and the work climb (jumping and climbing through the crown to reach different targets). There's no pressure - if you're new to climbing competitions you're welcome to pick and choose which events you want to do. More experienced competitors will have a go at each event, with the total score determining who will be the Tasmanian Tree Climbing Champion!

If you're not keen on competing but you want to check it out or be involved a bit more in your local tree climbing community, please use the link below to register as a volunteer. We need help with the setup and judging, so if you've been in the industry a while we would love to have your assistance. 

We'll be updating this page frequently in the coming weeks as further details are confirmed.

We would welcome local sponsors of the event: please get in touch with the TAO team via

We also need volunteers! If you have helped out or organised a climbing comp in the past, or you'd like to get a 'behind the scenes' look at how it all comes together, please get in touch with the team: We need your help to make this happen!

Climber registration $45.00(GST incl.) Register

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Saturday 17 April:

7:00 to 15:00 Setup. No competitors allowed in the park!

17:00: Gear check and event introduction at the pagola, Long Beach Reserve, Sandy Bay.

You must attend gear check, and bring with you all of the climbing equipment and PPE you plan to use on the day.


Sunday 18 April: 

7:00am: start preliminary events

12:00: lunch break (please bring your own lunch, or there are cafes within walking distance)

17:00: finish


Sponsors & Supporters

TAO are grateful for the support of Arboriculture Australia's national sponsors in facilitating this local event:

In addition, the Tasmanian Arboricultural Organisation is seeking local sponsors of the event to provide prizes, t-shirts and other event suppor: If this sounds like something you could support, please get in touch with the TAO team via