If you're in Australia, this is a great opportunity to upgrade your approach to tree risk.   

Though your borders are closed, with letters of support from Arboriculture Australia and the Tasmanian Government behind us, we’re have succeeded get David out to Australia under the ‘critical sectors or skills travel exemption’. The plan is to start in Perth towards the end of February and finish in Melbourne at the end of March.

Training dates are now confirmed for 2021! and you can book from the Training page of VALID's website here: https://tinyurl.com/yxfrx8lh

The dates are: Perth 25-26 February; Adelaide 1-2 March; Hobart 11-12 March; Brisbane 15-16 March; Sydney 22-23 March; Canberra 25-26 March & Melbourne 29-30 March.

The website for more information/calendar can be found at www.validtreerisk.com

You can register now, and we won’t raise an invoice until everything is confirmed.

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