Skills Impact

Skills Insight is a not-for-profit, industry-owned organisation that works across Australia to benchmark learning and skills standards for industry.

Through our work, learners and workplaces have access to nationally consistent skills standards and qualifications, supporting greater employment opportunities and industry competitiveness.

We collaborate with industry, government and training providers, to review and develop vocational units of competency, skill sets and qualifications. Working with industry and government, we are able to track industry trends and document skills opportunities and challenges.

We are amidst the “fourth industrial revolution”, with the rise of digitisation, automation, biotechnology and robotics changing the way work is done. The industries we support are familiar to change and the need to adapt. Many of them work in unpredictable and changing industries, affected by changes in the environment, legislation, technology, products and consumer demands. It is important that we continue to respond to their changing skills needs.

“A skilled and qualified workforce is critical to current and future prosperity of industry and our nation” Michael Hartman, CEO

Skills Insight, and its predecessors, have been supporting industries to develop the skills of their workforce for nearly 30 years.

Skills Insight was born out of an alliance of industry associations and not-for-profit skills standards development organisations. They all had one thing in common – a strong network of stakeholders from Australia’s various grown and renewable resource industries looking to improve the national skills and occupational standards that are available for industry and training providers.

We know from our work that a competent employee is a more knowledgeable, confident, safe and productive worker. Australia has one of the most comprehensive vocational skills systems in the world and that is due, in part, to industry input into the documentation of skills standards for various skilled activities and job roles. Industry needs the assurance that the vocational qualifications in which learners enrol will produce graduates that are job ready. Ongoing review of national qualifications and competences is an important part of that outcome.

With staff sourced from the industries we service or from the tertiary education system, we are passionate about workforce development and the need for industry to have their say in the skills standards of their workforce.

As part of our Skills Service Organisation role, we work with 12 Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to review and update the national training packages that contain units of competency, skill sets and qualifications

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