Minimum Industry Standards (MIS)

The Minimum Industry Standards are a series of publications that describe and clarify industry consensus on safe and current skills, techniques and equipment used in arboriculture and vegetation management.

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Each Minimum Industry Standard (MIS) was developed by Arboriculture Australia in partnership with the state and territory arboricultural industry groups, and with the help of the leading technical experts on each subject from Australia and around the world. 

Each MIS is subject to periodic review: a group of subject matter experts and industry representatives will review each document, collate the feedback received and make any necessary changes. Minimum Industry Standards will also be revised in response to changes in the regulatory environment, to the revision of other applicable standards, or to industry feedback.

The Minimum Industry Standards project is the first time in history that our industry has come together to discuss and agree on peer-reviewed current and safe techniques for arboricultural work tasks. This has been acheived by having sound national dialogue about techniques for conducting all facets of arboricultural and vegetation management tree work. Each MIS ensures that correct advice is being desseminated. Over the coming years the MIS project working group will complete many more MIS publications to ensure industry practitioners across Australia have sound minimum standards to work with.  

What if I have a better way of doing a particular work task?

  • Sharing information about how other tree workers have solved particular work problems is a key outcome for the MIS process. If you have a better way of conducting one of the work tasks discussed in a MIS, then please get in touch via the contact details below to share your information
  • The MISs are living documents that are owned by the arboricultural and vegetation management industries - they will be revised regularly whenever safer or more efficient work methods are adopted by the industry. Any suggestions for improvements of the MIS documents are welcome - if you have a better way of performing a task, please let us know, and help to share your expertise with other industry practitioners.

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How should the MISs be used in training and assessment?

  • A key outcome for the production of national MIS documents is their use to support training aligned to the arboriculture and vegetation management industry sector‑specific units of competency.
  • The industry consensus of the benchmark of competence in a work task is defined by the relevant MIS. 


Will the MISs be available in an electronic format?

  • Yes: work has begun on developing a user-friendly platform for electronic delivery of the full suite of MIS documents, along with instructional videos, summary sheets and other supporting content.
  • Although the MISs will eventually be available in both print and electronic formats, it is important to ensure that the electronic delivery is smooth and problem-free. No planned date for delivery of the MISs in their electronic format has yet been determined. 


Get your copy of the Minimum Industry Standards. Order Online


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